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~Full set of working drawings to include:

Site Plan

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Window Schedule (or window dimensions noted on plans)

Electrical Plan


What are energy rating reports?

An energy rating report, also known as thermal performance assessment, provides a calculated measure of the heating & cooling loads for a dwelling/building. A thermal performance assessment allows the input of design & building envelope data such as, orientation of the dwelling, external wall materials, roof types, ceiling heights, window types & glazing values etc. All of this information is collated & factored into the holistic performance of a dwelling’s/building's heating & cooling loads which results into the star rating. The star rating denotes the ability for a dwelling/building to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without the excessive use of mechanical heating & cooling units therefore reducing energy usage. The minimum requirement for any new dwelling is no less than 6 stars & for an apartment development no less than 5 stars individually & 6 stars as an average. Any other development types may have different requirements & your building surveyor will notify you of what is required to comply.



When building or renovating in order for your building surveyor to grant your building permit, they will most likely advise that you're required to obtain a thermal performance assessment (energy rating report).

Why? Thermal performance assessments are required as per the National Construction Code (NCC) & it’s stipulated that the objective is ‘to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by efficiently using energy throughout the life of the building’, it’s that simple!

Why are they required?